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This guide is intended for beginners who want to get a piece of your composed music (mixed in the studio 5.1 system) to playback on a standard home theatre system.
Here we are going to show how easy it is, using the Deqoy Music site, to find music to go with your video. I will use a video that was done as short story about a couple falling in love and getting engaged in a beach setting.
Imagine the scenario - You are about to start work on a remix and you have been sent the original radio edit plus vocals as a reference. You need to pull the original track (and vocals and possibly other parts) into a project and line them up so the vocals fit and you can work at your new tempo and also have the original edit in time with your new track. Also, as is so often the case, the original producer has not given you any clue what tempo the original track was recorded at.
One of our favorite albums is the vocal album entitled Here Lies Love With some fantastic performances from a range of vocalists and musicians, we are sure you will find a track to suit your project. The album features some beautiful melodies and subtle moving acoustic guitars. Some of these songs deserve to be hits in their own right!
One thing that comes up a lot when making music with electronic tools is <strong>timing</strong>. Especially now, when we have such fantastic sounds available... Kontakt Orchestral Libraries like Spitfire's Alboin and CineBrass to name just two of the many beautifully designed sample sets. But with great power comes great responsibility - to make your music play and sound in time
The idea for these is quite simple, it involves stepping through the process of how certain tracks and cues were put together. Stopping along the way to go into some finer detail where it may be interesting.
This article is for users of Waves plugins on Windows. More specifically the Waves IR reverbs with the Acoustics.net Impulses. If you use any of the above you will be aware that the data is installed in a default location and you cannot install it to a separate hard drive.